Sunday, June 07, 2009

I think I now have a bit of time to ramble again... With an inspiration of this picture.

I wonder if Karl Pilkington has seen this.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Hello! Finally got the internet up and running at our new apartment. The new place is smaller but it's nice and cozy here. It's also much much warmer than the old place, which is really nice. Can't really tell how cold it is outside sometimes. The windows get all fogged up most of the time but I like it like that.

Things are still messy around but I don't think we'll unpack everything since we'll be moving again the end of the year into this new place that's getting built at the moment. I'm quite excited about that. Meanwhile, here are some pix of when we first moved into the place we're at now...

It was also Pie's birthday last week. We went out for Japanese at Tomodachi with Pie's friends. I was very happy with my salmon teriyaki. MMmmm. That was nice. I was very happy with how big the salmon pieces were, considering most places serve puny salmon pieces when you order salmon teriyaki.

Pueng and Pie

She's so Serene

Oh! And we bought a PS3! + a must have game: Guitar Hero III. Also got Heavenly Sword, which is an awwweesoomee game. If you're thinking of getting a PS3 or a PS3 game, I highly recommend it.

Oh baby

Also went to Mr. Jon Teh's birthday dinner at the peking duck place on Smith street. So fat and yummy. No pictures from that though. Too busy eating. After, we went to Max Brenner... As shown below...

+ + +

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I lost the fight... But I'm glad I was finally given an opportunity to experience what it's like to be a fighter. I was often told by the other fighters at the gym it's a whole different world stepping into the ring. I guess I never really understood what they meant until last Sunday night.

I don't mean to be all melodramatic but as soon as the ref pronounced fight on the first round, it felt like all that mattered in the world was myself and my opponent. Come to think of it, it didn't even feel like the ref was there in the ring. I forgot about the audience, the ring girl (whose foot I stepped on later in the night), or anyone else in the fight venue. Or may be it was because I wasn't wearing my lenses and so all I could see was my opponent.

Post-fight, I now have better directions for my training. I now know what I need to work on and how I can prepare better for the next fight (eg. not lose too much weight for the weigh-in).

Regardless of the outcome of this bout, I genuinely appreciate all the support I got from my friends and fellow fighters at the gym. And also my trainer... eventhough he doesn't say much. Everyone did a great deal to help me prepare physically and more importantly, mentally leading up to the fight.

I know training will now feel different after I've had the fight. Sparring will be much more fun...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm so busy these days. But it's good busy. I come home so tired everyday but I wake up excited the next day for what it has to offer me. This is a good phase. I'm 2 weeks through my personal training course at the Australian Fitness Academy and I'm loving it. It's a nice feeling to go to class everyday and learn something I have lots of interests in. Reminds me of high school in a way since I'm doing this full-time.

I guess what I missed about high school was going into class everyday to see the same friends who would progress through the course together as a group. That was kinda absent at uni and going to the academy is letting me relive that a bit, although it'll only last a couple of months.

I'm also likely to be fighting in the next Prosecution show. I'm super excited about this since I've been waiting quite a while for my trainer to match me up with someone and it's finally gonna happen. The fight is two weeks away so training is also getting more intense. Hopefully I do well.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

I can't even begin to explain how annoying it is when one half of a pair of my socks goes missing. What am I supposed to do with one sock?

Monday, January 28, 2008


Cake and I went to see Sweeney Todd yesterday. An interesting movie... or should I say musical. It wasn't super duper but I must say it was very enjoyable.

The melodies to which the lyrics were sung to were all very beautiful and complemented the scenes very well. Similar to the musical version of 'The producers' (2005), I especially thought the combination of the more 'classic' singing style and the use of simple everyday/casual language in the lyrics was very cool. If my ears weren't playing tricks on me, I heard the C-word in one of the lines sung by Johnny Depp. It had quite a kick to it.

If you're ok with a bit of blood then Sweeney Todd is very worth watching. Actually, make that lots of blood... Lots of splashing blood. But it's all good!

As for Cloverfield, damn that movie got me so nauseous I was close to puking in the cinema. I guess it's what sets Cloverfield apart from other big screen movies, but I really am not a big fan of the hand held camera/home video style movies. The camera was constantly moving so fast that I got soooo sick. I had to take five and come out to wash my face in the bathroom. That didn't help much.

There was a line in the movie where one of the girl characters was losing lots of blood and said she was dizzy. I felt so much like yelling out 'I'm so f*cking dizzy too!' but I don't think my fellow audience members would have appreciated it much. It certainly didn't help the whole place was smelling of rich butter from all the popcorn they had in there, either.

That aside, I thought the movie had an interesting concept to it. The way the plot progressed definitely left me wanting to find out more (If I didn't have to constantly close and rest my eyes and brain every 2 minutes). The trailer and early parts of the movie did a very good job of getting you curious. If it wasn't because of the constantly moving camera, I think I would have liked the movie a lot more. I honestly really wanted to leave my eyes open and see everything they had to offer, but my brain wasn't co-operating. Ok, I'm back to complaining again. But such a shame... so promising, yet impossible for me to watch.

Now I'm waiting for SAW IV to come out. Woohoo!! Who wants to come watch with me??

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Parents in Melbourne (Part two)

The fourth day was the Christmas day. Everything was shut on Christmas day. EVERYTHING! I guess I hadn't expected it to be like that, seeing this was the first time I spent Christmas out of Bangkok and Christmas in Bangkok is very happening... esp. on the shopping side of things. Anyways, so we went to this beach instead and dad got to use a parking ticket machine for the first time. I think he got to have a bit of his fun.

The beach was alright but it was a lil windy so we didn't really get to hang out long. Plus we got hungry. So we went looking for a place to eat... But everything was shut. Except this nice looking restaurant but it was all booked out. Then we went to the next suburb... and then the next. Nothing was open. We decided to drive back towards the city. Uni was on the way so I thought we could stop and see if any of the restaurants was open and so I could show my parents around uni and where I work. Everything was shut. EVERYTHING... except 7/11.

By the time, we were quite desperate. The 7/11 looked like a five star restaurant to us by then. We managed to get hold of some sandwiches and soup-in-a-cup for lunch. Look how happy we were...

After lunch on the lawn, I showed mom and dad around uni. It was nice I finally got to do so. After like... nearly 5 years. Dad produced some cool photos of the buildings I was so familiar with. Pretty cool seeing them differently through the camera lens.

The rest of the afternoon and since everything was shut, we decided to spend some nice sunny time at the Docklands. That was some of my favourite time off the whole trip I think. Some of the best photos that came out were also of that evening. Check...

Having seen my uni, it was time Cake and pie showed mom and dad around theirs, Melbounre Uni. It was still holiday so the whole place was shut. It was nice in a way, being empty and all. It was also a good opportunity to pay a visit to the ATM that ate my card 3 years ago. Forgive but never forget.

Too lazy to explain the rest of the day. But it looked something like this...

The next morning I woke up to see the most beautiful sky I had seen in a long time. Then I noticed the sky was dotted with some hot air balloons. Some had only taken off not far from our apartment. Very nice to start a day off with a nice morning.

That day we went to Werribee zoo. Woohoo! But we barely saw any animals. I don't know where they all went. I guess that's the problem with them open zoos sometimes. I remember seeing a camel, some zebras, rhinos, a few birds (they weren't even working at the zoo), and plenty of flies. FLIES!!! Annoying summer flies.

At the zoo, I noticed the zebras had some voluptuous asses. So ample and white. I remember having thought about this before but had forgotten how nice zebra asses were until I saw them again that day. Anyways, I'm just saying.

But it got me started taking pictures of some human asses. Probably because there weren't that many animals to see and the ones that were there weren't even doing anything interesting.

The eighth day we went shopping at Brunswick street. Dad went off to check out some pretty cool graffiti around the area.

Ok. I'm sleepy. Stay tuned for the third and final installment. Thanks for looking!

By the way, did you know zebras were the second species to branch off from the most primitive form of horses, just after the asses?